Sunday, May 5 2013

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\31 3:00 pm

One of the world’s greatest working filmmakers, Ken Loach executes a charming change-of-pace that combines his usual gift for social observation with a less commonly seen flair for...


In the mid-1960s, legendary London-based animator Richard Williams set out to create the greatest animated film of all time. He nearly succeeded, and therein lies the tale of a...

\31 5:00 pm

Directing her first feature, producer/actress Seimetz (MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY) crafts a compelling Southern neo-noir steeped in the torpor of her native Florida. Baby-faced Crystal (...


CREMASTER 4, set on the Isle of Man, features the artist in the role of The Loughton Candidate, the tap-dancing redheaded descendant of a satyr. The organism resists receiving its...