Thursday, June 6 2013

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\30 6:00 pm

Like THE RULES OF THE GAME, VERTIGO, and THE SHINING, JOURNEY TO ITALY is a prime example of a film whose reputation has undergone a radical transformation. It was initially dismissed...


Five kids—self-described as a brain (Anthony Michael Hall), an athlete (Emilio Estevez), a basket case (Ally Sheedy), a princess (Ringwald), and a criminal (Nelson)—are confined to the...

\30 7:00 pm

PARADISE: LOVE takes mutual exploitation to the limit as Teresa (Tiesel), a matronly woman of a certain age, seeks love and pleasure at a Kenyan resort for sex tourism. There are no...

\30 8:00 pm

Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, this razor-sharp satire is an amazing story based on fact. In 1988, brutal Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet decides to buff up...