Tuesday, June 18 2013

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\30 6:00 pm

A gripping post-WWII coming-of-age story told from a different perspective, LORE is based on the novel “The Dark Room” by Rachel Seiffert. When 14-year-old Hannelore’s parents, affluent...


Talk about turning lemons into lemonade--that notorious Eighties dud, the DeLorean car, was immortalized by its starring role as a mad scientist’s nuclear-powered time machine in this...

\30 8:00 pm

TO THE WONDER is notable as the first Malick film set in contemporary times, and as the last film reviewed (***1/2) by Roger Ebert. The first half of the film is a swooningly lyrical...


A sensation at numerous film festivals, this mind-blowing meta-horror film centers on a primly professional British sound engineer (Jones) who gets more than he bargained for when he is...