Sunday, June 30 2013

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\30 3:00 pm

A surprise hit and an abiding cult classic, MY DINNER WITH ANDRE is just what the title says: nearly two hours of indeterminately fictionalized dinner conversation between Andre Gregory...


This sly and frisky sex comedy goes for laughs with an old-fashioned emphasis on the battle of the sexes. If infidelity were a virus, randy retiree Rudolf (Polivka) would definitely be...

\30 5:00 pm

Innovative theater director, sometime movie actor, and one of the world’s great raconteurs, 78-year-old Andre Gregory is still going strong, as demonstrated in this lively autumnal...


Based on the graphic novels by Jaroslav Rudis and Jaromir 99, with influences ranging from film noir to Jiri Menzel’s CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS, this intriguing dark adult animation is sure...