Saturday, September 21 2013

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\30 3:00 pm

Tarkovsky’s hardest-to-see film in recent years (and inadequately transferred to DVD), NOSTALGHIA is also perhaps his most sheerly beautiful, which makes this revival in a new 35mm print...


Rewriting history as gloriously cheeky action-packed satire has become a Tarantino (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) specialty, and the antebellum South gets its over-the-top comeuppance in this...

\30 5:00 pm

The Turkish title translates as UNDERGROUND, acknowledging that veteran director and self-professed Dostoyevsky admirer Demirkubuz (DESTINY) has taken the author’s classic...

\30 6:00 pm

High on the all-time favorite list of directors including Quentin Tarantino (DJANGO UNCHAINED) and Alex Cox (REPO MAN), this influential Spaghetti Western is steeped in deep, dark...

\30 8:00 pm

Based on an essay from humorist David Sedaris’s anthology Naked, C.O.G. launches as a wry comedy capitalizing on snappy, snarky blue dialogue. Prissy Ivy Leaguer David,...


Throughout the world there are only fourteen known sole survivors of large-scale commercial plane crashes. It’s the world’s loneliest club, as Chicago-based director Dickens (FISH OUT...