Wednesday, September 25 2013

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\30 6:00 pm

Tarkovsky’s hardest-to-see film in recent years (and inadequately transferred to DVD), NOSTALGHIA is also perhaps his most sheerly beautiful, which makes this revival in a new 35mm print...


Desperate times call for delirious comedy, and INTERNATIONAL HOUSE is an example of the anarchic comedy cycle (epitomized by the Marx Brothers) that flourished during the early...

\30 8:00 pm

High on the all-time favorite list of directors including Quentin Tarantino (DJANGO UNCHAINED) and Alex Cox (REPO MAN), this influential Spaghetti Western is steeped in deep, dark...


Based on an essay from humorist David Sedaris’s anthology Naked, C.O.G. launches as a wry comedy capitalizing on snappy, snarky blue dialogue. Prissy Ivy Leaguer David,...