Friday, November 1 2013

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\30 6:00 pm

Filmed on a single set in elaborate long takes with only a few visible cuts, ROPE was initially written off as a failed experiment. More recently, it has emerged as one of...


Subtitled “The Story of One American School Bus,” this engagingly offbeat, critically acclaimed documentary uses the eponymous vehicle as an effective device to illuminate aspects of...

\30 7:00 pm

In the follow-up to their 2006 cult hit THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO CINEMA, director Fiennes and philosopher/provocateur Žižek take another stimulating stroll through film history....


After passing on the project, Steven Spielberg picked Scorsese to remake the 1962 noir classic with Nolte as family man and not-so-honest lawyer Sam Bowden, who suppresses evidence that...