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Orson Welles: The Other Side of the Argument

January 25 - May 7

Lecturer: Jonathan Rosenbaum

From January 25 through May 7, we offer a series of fourteen programs entitled "Orson Welles: The Other Side of the Argument," with weekly Tuesday lectures by Jonathan Rosenbaum, internationally renowned film critic and author of numerous books including "Discovering Orson Welles" and "Cinematic Encounters: Interviews and Dialogues." The series is presented in cooperation with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism. Additional screenings of the films on Friday or Saturday do not include Jonathan Rosenbaum's lecture. Admission to all "Orson Welles" programs is $5 for Film Center members; usual admission prices apply for non-members.

--Martin Rubin

A polemical defense and celebration of Orson Welles’ fourteen features and a few of his shorter works, this series will seek to counter some of the ideological and biographical biases that have viewed him as an out-of-control and unfulfilled artist.  Despite the very unruly and unorthodox aspects of Welles’ career, the richness of his artistry and the perpetual originality of his accomplishments have yielded challenges that this series will attempt to define, engage with, and honor.  The order of the films to be discussed will be roughly chronological, although the existence of varying release dates and different
versions of individual films makes a strict chronology impossible.  Anomalies of this kind, frequently the results of Welles’ unconventional work methods, will be addressed and discussed in some detail, because they suggest that different tools and criteria are sometimes needed in order to understand the nature of Welles’ far from conventional aims and achievements.

--Jonathan Rosenbaum

Upcoming films in "Orson Welles"
(Friday and Saturday dates are subject to change. Please check the relevant month's Gazette and website.)

There is no class/lecture on March 26, but the new documentary THE EYES OF ORSON WELLES will be shown on that date in the Chicago European Union Film Festival.

May 7                


Touch of Evil

1958, Orson Welles, USA, 111 min.
Charlton Heston, Orson Welles


  • Fri, Mar 15th 2:00pm
  • Tue, Mar 19th 6:00pm

The Trial

Le procès

1962, Orson Welles, France, 118 min.
Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles


  • Tue, Apr 2nd 6:00pm

Chimes at Midnight


1965, Orson Welles, Spain, 115 min.
With Orson Welles, Keith Baxter


  • Fri, Apr 5th 4:00pm
  • Tue, Apr 9th 6:00pm

The Immortal Story

1968, Orson Welles, France, 58 min.
With Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau


  • Tue, Apr 16th 6:00pm

The Other Side of the Wind

1976/2018, Orson Welles, USA, 122 min.
With John Huston, Oja Kodar, Peter Bogdanovich


  • Sat, Apr 20th 3:00pm
  • Tue, Apr 23rd 6:00pm

F for Fake

1973, Orson Welles, France, 89 min.
With Orson Welles, Oja Kodar


  • Fri, Apr 26th 6:00pm
  • Sat, Apr 27th 5:00pm
  • Tue, Apr 30th 6:00pm

Citizen Kane

1941, Orson Welles, USA, 119 min.


  • Fri, Jan 25th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Jan 25th 6:00pm
  • Tue, Jan 29th 6:00pm


1948, Orson Welles, USA, 107 min.


  • Fri, Feb 22nd 2:00pm
  • Tue, Feb 26th 6:00pm


1955, Orson Welles, Morocco, 91 min.


  • Tue, Mar 5th 6:00pm

The Magnificent Ambersons

1942, Orson Welles, USA, 88 min.


  • Fri, Feb 1st 2:00pm
  • Fri, Feb 1st 6:00pm
  • Tue, Feb 5th 6:00pm