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PANORAMA LATINX is an initiative of the Gene Siskel Film Center dedicated to year-round Latin American film programming. We engage the dynamic Latinx community of greater Chicago through showcasing the work of emerging and established Latinx filmmakers, educational screenings, and community partnerships.


Chicago premiere! Lucrecia Martel in person!


2017, Lucrecia Martel, Argentina/Brazil/Spain, 115 min. With Daniel Giménez Cacho, Lola Dueñas.


  • Fri, Apr 13th 3:45pm
  • Fri, Apr 13th 8:00pm
  • Sat, Apr 14th 3:00pm
  • Sun, Apr 15th 4:15pm
  • Mon, Apr 16th 6:15pm
  • Tue, Apr 17th 8:15pm
  • Wed, Apr 18th 6:00pm
  • Thu, Apr 19th 8:15pm

A Fantastic Woman

Una mujer fantástica

2017, Sebastián Lelio, Chile, 104 min. With Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes.


  • Fri, Apr 6th 3:45pm
  • Fri, Apr 6th 8:15pm
  • Sat, Apr 7th 3:00pm
  • Sat, Apr 7th 5:00pm
  • Sun, Apr 8th 5:00pm
  • Mon, Apr 9th 8:15pm
  • Wed, Apr 11th 6:00pm
  • Thu, Apr 12th 8:15pm

Chicago premiere! Filmmakers in person!

Messi and Maud

La Holandesa

2017, Marleen Jonkman, Netherlands, 92 min. With Rifka Lodeizen, Cristóbal Farias.


  • Fri, Mar 23rd 8:15pm
  • Sat, Mar 24th 5:15pm