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PANORAMA LATINX is an initiative of the Gene Siskel Film Center dedicated to year-round Latin American film programming. We engage the dynamic Latinx community of greater Chicago through showcasing the work of emerging and established Latinx filmmakers, educational screenings, and community partnerships.


First Chicago run!

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles

Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas

2018, Salvador Simó, Spain, 80 min


  • Fri, Sep 6th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Sep 6th 7:45pm
  • Sat, Sep 7th 7:45pm
  • Sun, Sep 8th 3:00pm
  • Mon, Sep 9th 8:00pm
  • Tue, Sep 10th 6:00pm
  • Wed, Sep 11th 8:00pm
  • Thu, Sep 12th 6:00pm

Chicago premiere!

Los Reyes

The Kings

2018, Iván Osnovikoff and Bettina Perut, Chile, 78 min.


  • Fri, Aug 30th 2:15pm
  • Fri, Aug 30th 6:15pm
  • Sat, Aug 31st 5:45pm
  • Sun, Sep 1st 7:45pm
  • Mon, Sep 2nd 3:15pm
  • Tue, Sep 3rd 8:00pm
  • Wed, Sep 4th 6:00pm
  • Thu, Sep 5th 8:00pm

Chicago premiere!

The Chambermaid

La camarista

2018, Lila Avilés, Mexico, 102 min.
With Gabriela Cartol, Teresa Sánchez


  • Fri, Aug 9th 2:00pm
  • Fri, Aug 9th 8:15pm
  • Sat, Aug 10th 5:00pm
  • Sun, Aug 11th 3:00pm
  • Mon, Aug 12th 6:00pm
  • Tue, Aug 13th 8:15pm
  • Wed, Aug 14th 8:15pm
  • Thu, Aug 15th 6:00pm