Jim Trainor in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Fall 2017

The Pink Egg

2016, Jim Trainor, USA, 71 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Oct 12th 6:00pm

Featuring his trademark dark comedy and fascination with the natural world, Chicago-based animator Jim Trainor explores the complex and curious lives of insects in his first live-action feature. Casting humans in the starring roles, THE PINK EGG follows life-cycles of “The Seven Sisters,” a group of evolutionarily related wasps and bees. Unitard costumes and candy-colored props set the stage for the feeding, mating, and hunting rituals of a civilization as successful as our own, yet founded on utterly alien principles. The narrative advances without dialogue or narration, leaving the audience to puzzle out its mysterious goings-on, evoking a Mother Nature who keeps her cards close to her chest. Digital file.

Jim Trainor is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.