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Thu, Apr 4th at 6:00pm
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  1. 1960, Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 109 min.
  2. With Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh

Over fifty years old and still revolutionary, PSYCHO has become an American icon, impossible to describe without giving away too much. The film's plot and central imagery have become a part of modern folklore, instantly evoked by the mention of the shower sequence or the Bates Motel. Made at the height of Hitchcock's most productive Hollywood period, PSYCHO, with its story of guilt, obsession, and mother love gone awry, is one of the most masterful and suspenseful manipulations of audience point of view ever put on film. 35mm. (BS)

Lesley L. Coffin, author of the upcoming book Hitchcock's Stars: Alfred Hitchcock and the Hollywood Star System, will lead a discussion on the casting of PSYCHO after the Wednesday 8:00 pm screening.

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