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Chicago premiere!
Two-week run!

  2. 2011, Antoine Delesvaux and Joann Sfar, France, 89 min.

“Colorful, witty and inspired.”
—Boyd Van Hoeij, Variety

“Gorgeously animated…showcases the artist’s freewheeling style and colorful arabesque imagery.”
—Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

Adapted from the quirky French comic books of Joann Sfar, this delightful adult-targeted animation is set in Algiers in 1920, where a rabbi’s lean and feisty cat miraculously gains the gift of speech along with a witty intelligence and sly philosophical bent. His crush on his master’s voluptuous daughter temporarily thwarted, the curious feline becomes party to the rabbi’s adventures on a trip through the Sahara in search of a lost Ethiopian city. Filmmakers Delesvaux (GAINSBOURG) and Sfar stir up a wild and provocative mix of cultural and religious confrontations mediated by humor. With voices by Francois Morel, Maurice Benichou, Mathieu Amalric, and Hafsia Herzi. In French with English subtitles. DCP video. (BS)

Note: This film is unsuitable for younger audiences due to sexual references and some graphic violence.

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