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Radiant Visions:

Media Art from SAIC, 1965 - Now

February 1 - 29

A month-long series of works by alumni from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Presented by the Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago began graduating students in filmmaking in the mid-1960s, and established the nation’s first video department to issue degrees in 1970. In the ensuing half-century, the innovative visions of its alumni have reverberated through the world of the moving image: from Hollywood to the avant-garde, from video art to the international art cinema, from animation to gaming to new media.

Radiant Visions: Media Art at SAIC, 1965-Now (February 1 - 29) celebrates this achievement in a month-long series featuring nearly 50 artists and a breathtaking range of techniques and ideas. The varied works speak to each other across time, reflecting the concepts and approaches that have energized SAIC over the decades. These include: media technology and its role in contemporary life; intimacy and social identity; media as a tool for political consciousness; formal experimentation and new models of seeing. In short, the moving image’s unique capacity for transporting viewers through time and space.

The series begins with the Chicago premiere of Cannes prizewinner Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s latest feature, CEMETERY OF SPLENDOR, introduced by the director on February 1. Filmmaker Tom Kalin presents his 1992 feature SWOON, a key work of the New Queer Cinema, on February 11. On February 18, we present two films by the late Marjorie Keller, a major but unheralded figure in the American avant-garde, followed by a discussion with film scholar P. Adams Sitney (VISIONARY FILM) and filmmaker and fellow alumnus Saul Levine (who will present two of his own films in the series on February 18). Chris Harris brings his documentary portrait of St. Louis STILL / HERE on February 25. Its melancholy images continue to speak to our social and political moment.

Five programs of short films round out the series, each a mix of genres, styles and themes, for which several of the makers will be present for discussion. Among the highlights: provocative works of international renown by Ben Russell, Deborah Stratman, Amie Siegel, Paul Chan, and Steffani Jemison; foundational feminist videos from Mindy Faber, Jennifer Reeder, Elisabeth Subrin, and Dara Greenwald; classics of 16mm experimentation from Louis Hock, Saul Levine, Tom Palazzolo, and Allen Ross; award-winning animations from Joshua Mosley, Lilli Carré, and Jodie Mack; groundbreaking works of computer and video imaging from Jane Veeder, Lyn Blumenthal, and Carol Ann Klonarides; and new media from Sara Ludy and Nick Briz.

SAIC is proud of the strong, pioneering and influential work of its former students. The works presented are but a small sampling of the extraordinary work of SAIC’s alumni, who have shaped the field not only as makers, but as scholarly and critical writers, curators, archivists, and founders of important media arts organizations.

Presented by the Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation. Organized by Amy Beste, Jon Cates, and Daniel Eisenberg. Thanks to Jim Trainor, Bruce Jenkins, Mary Patten, Melika Bass, Frederic Moffet, Chris Sullivan, Claudia Hart, Titza Even, Patrick Friel, Fred Camper, Ed Rankus, Carolyn Faber, Abina Manning, John Manning, Josh Mabe, Michael Phillips, Michelle Puetz, P. Adams Sitney, Elena Rossi-Snook, and M.M. Serra.

Visit saic.edu/150 for more info.

Admission to Radiant Visions screenings is free to alumni, faculty, staff, and students with SAIC I.D. Free tickets available only at our box office 24 hours before the screening.