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Ramen Shop

Ramen Teh

2018, Eric Khoo, Singapore/Japan, 90 min.
With Takumi Saito, Jeanette Aw

Show Times

  • Fri, May 24th 6:15pm
  • Sat, May 25th 6:30pm
  • Sun, May 26th 2:15pm
  • Sun, May 26th 8:00pm
  • Mon, May 27th 5:00pm
  • Tue, May 28th 6:00pm
  • Wed, May 29th 8:00pm
  • Thu, May 30th 8:00pm
Chicago premiere!

"Handled with a sincerity that could commend it to incurable romantics and insatiable foodies alike."—Allen Hunter, Screen International

"There’s a scrumptious niche of cinema-orbiting food, food culture and cultural history comprising classics and masterworks: TAMPOPO, BIG NIGHT, EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN, BABETTE’S FEAST. Add to that number RAMEN SHOP...a piece so gentle and breezy that viewers may be fooled into thinking it weightless."—Andy Crump, Paste

Proust had his madeleines; Eric Khoo has the pork rib soup known as Bak Kut Teh. Singapore's leading filmmaker, Khoo (12 STOREYS, BE WITH ME) uses the deeply imbedded associations of food with memory, family, and national identity as the foundation of this bittersweet (and often mouthwatering) tale of a young man's quest to connect with his heritage. Masato (Saitoh) works with his embittered father in a small-town ramen shop in Japan. After his father dies, Masato finds a letter and a journal that lead him to Singapore, the birthplace of himself and his long-deceased, dimly remembered mother, who had been mysteriously estranged from her family. An expatriate food-blogger (charmingly played by former pop icon Seiko Matsuda) and a rediscovered uncle (drolly played by comedian Mark Lee) introduce Masato to the city's multiethnic cuisine, but he runs into a brick wall in the form of his intransigently hostile grandmother (Aw). The reasons for her enmity are rooted in the dark history of Japan's wartime occupation of Singapore, while the path to reconciliation might lie in Masato's ability to absorb the cookery of his motherland. In Japanese, Mandarin, and English with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)

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