Film Series: Runs & Limited Engagements


2016, Laura Poitras, Germany/USA/Egypt, 93 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, May 5th 2:00pm
  • Fri, May 5th 6:15pm
  • Fri, May 5th 8:15pm
  • Sat, May 6th 3:00pm
  • Sat, May 6th 6:45pm
  • Sat, May 6th 8:30pm
  • Sun, May 7th 3:15pm
  • Sun, May 7th 5:00pm
  • Mon, May 8th 6:00pm
  • Mon, May 8th 7:45pm
  • Tue, May 9th 6:00pm
  • Tue, May 9th 7:45pm
  • Wed, May 10th 6:00pm
  • Wed, May 10th 7:45pm
  • Thu, May 11th 6:00pm
  • Thu, May 11th 7:45pm
Chicago premiere!

“When Laura Poitras pulled the pin on CITIZENFOUR, she already had another bombshell up her sleeve: exclusive access to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,” — Peter Debruge, Variety

“Laura Poitras has done it again…RISK is instilled with a sense of immediate urgency as an apprehensive cloud hovers over every action, every word, every wayward glance.” — Nikola Grozdanovic, The Playlist

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, often labeled “the poster child for the new age of journalism,” comes in for a prickly, revealing portrait by Oscar-winning director Poitras (CITIZENFOUR). Begun in 2011, when Assange was still at large, RISK follows the cyber-activist through to the present, where he lives as a virtual prisoner in asylum in London’s Ecuadorian embassy, under order of extradition to Sweden for alleged sexual offenses. In trademark style, Poitras gains complete, trusted access to the workings of Assange’s world, physically constricted but vast in his power to shake governments, elections, and individuals through the release of once-privileged information over the Internet. An astonishingly intimate vantage point provides the viewer a seat at the table for a tension-filled range of happenings and events, including Assange’s attempted phone calls to then-Secretary of State Clinton, warning of the imminent release of material, and a bizarre personal interview between Assange and Lady Gaga. WikiLeaks associates Sarah Harrison and Jacob Appelbaum play key roles. In English, Arabic, and Spanish with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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