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Film Series : Jacques Becker

Rue de l'Estrapade

1953, Jacques Becker, France, 100 min.

Show Times

  • Tue, Jan 15th 6:00pm

RUE DE L’ESTRAPADE is the last in a series of Becker romances (including ANTOINE ET ANTOINETTE, RENDEZ-VOUS DE JUILLET, and EDOUARD ET CAROLINE) notable for their delicate mixture of comedy and melodrama and their feel for Parisian life. When a young wife (Anne Vernon) discovers that her racecar-driver husband (Louis Jourdan) has cheated on her, she moves into the Latin Quarter, where she meets a seductive musician (Daniel Gélin). Godard called it “splendid.” In French with English subtitles. 35mm print courtesy of the Institut Français; thanks to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. (MR)

Note: This trailer, the best we could find, is unsubtitled. The version of the film shown at our screening(s) will be subtitled in English.

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