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Opening night film! Film Series : The 18th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival



2018, Bassam Jarbawi, Palestine/USA/Qatar, 108 min.
With Ziad Bakri, Areen Omari

Show Times

  • Sat, Apr 20th 8:00pm
  • Thu, Apr 25th 8:00pm

Sentenced to an Israeli prison for murder as a teenager, Ziad (Bakri), now in his thirties, returns home to Ramallah, to an unfamiliar world of smartphones, social media, and friends who have had the luxury of moving on. The joy of family celebrations soon gives away to confusion for a man suffering PTSD from years in solitary, and who smarts under the humiliation of depending on others, even for pocket money. Director Jarbawi skillfully brings the larger picture of unaddressed wounds into focus, as Ziad, eligible and single, struggles to find work and achieve normalcy while pursued by two women: his sister’s best friend Salma (Maya Omaia Keesh); and Palestinian American filmmaker Mina (Yasmine Qaddumi), who hopes to make him the subject of her documentary. In Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles.

On Saturday only, preceded by THE CHAIR (2018, Laila Abbas, Palestine, 15 min.). On Thursday only, preceded by BONBONÉ (2017, Rakan Mayas, Palestine/Lebanon, 15 min.). All in DCP digital. (BS)

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