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Film Series : 29th Annual Festival of Films from Iran


Maghz-kaye Koochak Zang-Zadeh

2018, Houman Seyedi, Iran, 102 min.
With Navid Mohammadzadeh, Farhad Aslani

Show Times

  • Sat, Feb 23rd 6:00pm
  • Sun, Feb 24th 3:00pm

“A zany plunge into parodied violence Indian-style…well-choreographed and sustained action scenes.”--Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

An over-the-top comic gangster film is an anomaly in Iranian cinema, making SHEEPLE, with its lean, mean satirical streak and copious gunplay, a genre standout. Nominated for thirteen awards at Tehran’s Fajr Film Festival, and winner of four, including the Best Film audience award, this raucous taboo-breaker has clearly found favor with a hometown crowd hungry for homegrown action. Bullying drug lord Shakoor (Aslani) oversees a gang that sells crystal meth produced by his stable of slave laborers, including children. Bringing up the rear in this rotten- to-the-core empire is loser brother Shahin (Mohammadzadeh), the film’s swaggering but cowardly anti-hero. Gang warfare takes a backseat to a crisis of family honor when sister Mona (Marjan Etefaghian) lifts her scarf to give a man a peek at her striped ponytail, and a phone video of the event goes viral. In Persian with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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