fbpx Shorts Program: Love African American Style | Gene Siskel Film Center
Filmmakers in person! Film Series : 25th Anniversary Black Harvest Film Festival

Shorts Program: Love African American Style

2017-19, Various directors, USA/UK, 81 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Aug 16th 6:00pm
  • Sat, Aug 17th 8:15pm

Love can be for better or for worse, and, in these six shorts, sometimes it’s worse before it’s better.

2019, David E. Bright, USA, 4 min.
With Zohra, Gabriel Marroquin

A damsel in distress finds thrills and romance in the manner of a silent movie. ProRes digital. (BS)

2019, Asha Flowers, USA, 7 min.
With Tamala Jones, Sherman Augustus

In this tongue-in-cheek comedy, untimely demise proves no deterrent to a couple’s bickering. DCP digital. (BS)

2019, LeRon E. Lee, USA, 15 min.
With Daniel G. Cunningham, Kayciblu Wright

Middle-school games pitting boys against girls take on a new meaning when sexual attraction dawns for 11-year-old Darius. ProRes digital. (BS)

2019, Carmen Elly Wilkerson, USA, 12 min.
With Mehrnaz Mohammadi, Pritesh Shah

When a kiss is just a peck, a disconsolate wife searches for the ingredient that will bring back the joy in her marriage. DCP digital. (BS)

2018, Anthony E. Williams, USA, 29 min.
With Anthony Williams, Acacia Leigh

A hellcat ex-wife, a sexy current wife, and a bi-curious teen daughter orbit around a harried family man in this comedy/drama. DCP digital. (BS)

love tap
2019, Gian Smith, USA, 14 min.
With Rahim Glaspy, Jasmine B. Johnson

Love and attraction move to the variable rhythms of a jazz drummer’s beat in this impressionistic drama. ProRes digital. (BS)

Directors David E. Bright, LeRon E. Lee, Anthony E. Williams, Gian Smith, and, tentatively, directors Carmen Elly Wilkerson and Asha Flowers, and producer Leonard Smith (love taps) are scheduled to appear for audience discussion.