Sondra Perry in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Fall 2017

Sondra Perry: Performance and Video

2015-17, Sondra Perry, USA, ca. 65 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Nov 16th 6:00pm

Mixing personal history and pop culture, New York-based artist Sondra Perry savvily dissects power relations that shape Black identity and representation. Her performances and multimedia works use video games, glitchy 3D avatars, and computer desktop windows to express and explode biases built into the code of everyday life. In the video-performance LINEAGE FOR A MULTIPLE-MONITOR WORKSTATION: NUMBER ONE (2015-17), she layers footage of family members acting out real and fabricated familial lore, inviting audiences to consider the shifting and mutable threads of identity in the digital age. In IT’S IN THE GAME ’17 OR MIRROR GAG FOR VITRINE AND PROJECTION (2017), she focuses on her brother — who, as an NCAA college basketball player had his likeness used without compensation in popular video games — and contemplates the ways images of Black men and women have long been exploited for profit and prestige. Live performance and digital file.

Sondra Perry is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.