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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2018
Chicago premiere!

Son of Sofia

2017, Elina Pyskou, Greece/Bulgaria/France, 105 min. With Victor Khomut, Valery Tscheplanowa.

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 23rd 3:45pm
  • Thu, Mar 29th 8:30pm

"Takes one surprising left turn after another...never less than unique." - Nick Schager, Variety

Fairy tales serve as a wackily weird foundation to a story shot through with magic realism, as lonely eleven-year-old Misha, rejoining his widowed mother after a two-year absence, meets an ogre in the form of his new stepfather. Set against the background of the 2004 Athens Olympics, the film creates its own internal mythology with a bit of Oedipal rivalry, a dash of harsh realism, and a whole lot of whimsy, when the imaginative boy comes under the unorthodox home schooling of a stern and half-crazy geezer bent on reenacting his past as the host of a children's TV show. Director Pyskou, named by Variety as one of "10 European directors to watch," imbues her allegorical film with a delicate sense of wonder. Winner of the Jury Award at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. In Russian and Greek with English subtitles. Courtesy of Heretic Outreach. DCP digital. (BS)

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