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U.S. premiere! Filmmaker in person!

Stand by Me

2019, Lai Meng-jie, Taiwan, 103 min.
With Mason Lee, Shao Yu-wei

Show Times

  • Mon, Feb 17th 7:45pm

“A refreshing balance of maturity and humor, with plenty of laughs and pop culture references…effortlessly delightful.”—James Marsh, South China Morning Post

A zany approach to romance is the cover for a more insightful coming of age for endearingly flawed hero Jiu-bing (Lee), a disaster-prone would-be lover who has continuously crushed on perky classmate Bo-he (Shao) since they were both twelve years old. Bo-he proves a loyal pal but an elusive girlfriend. When she meets a hunky college man, and Jiu-bing becomes the focus of his landlord’s daughter’s girlish longing, both love and obsession prove to be blind. Actor Lee (SUBURBAN BIRDS, THE HANGOVER PART II), son of Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, comes into his own as a leading man, capitalizing on impish good looks and snappy comic timing. Presented in collaboration with Asian Pop-up Cinema. In Mandarin with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

Director Lai Meng-jie is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.

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