Film Series : Bergman 100

Summer With Monika

Sommaren med Monika

1953, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 98 min. With Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg.

Show Times

  • Sat, Jul 21st 3:00pm
  • Thu, Jul 26th 6:00pm

"Harriet Andersson as Monika is eroticism incarnate...The unwashed hair, the mouth perpetually at work on gum, the proud, unboosted bosom: these built a new idiom into movie language." - Peter Cowie, Ingmar Bergman: A Critical Biography

SUMMER WITH MONIKA has much in common with Bergman's other great early romance, SUMMER INTERLUDE, but the former's lower-class milieu gives it a gritty flavor all its own. The still teenaged Andersson (in her first of eight films with Bergman) plays an amoral girl who, after being slapped about by her father, persuades her naïve boyfriend to run away with her to a remote island. There they enjoy a carefree summer idyll until the chill winds of autumn set in. Billed by its early American distributors as "Ingmar Bergman's most erotic film," SUMMER WITH MONIKA lives up to that billing, thanks largely to Andersson's earthy, summery, and extremely sexy presence. In Swedish with English subtitles. New DCP digital restoration. (MR)

Please note: This trailer is dubbed in English, but the version we will be showing is in Swedish with English subtitles.

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