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23rd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

Tall Tales

Apró mesék

2019, Attila Szasz, Hungary, 112 min.
Tamas Szabó Kimmel, Vica Kerekes

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 7th 5:00pm
  • Mon, Mar 9th 7:30pm

In 1945 Budapest, Hankó (Kimmel), a man who may or may not have been a war hero, plies a heartless con among the mothers, widows and sweethearts of men missing in action, by posing as their loved one’s best friend from the front. Director Szasz (ETERNAL WINTER) gives a gripping noirish cast to this romantic thriller as the action moves from the city to a remote rural area, where the imposter begins an uneasy friendship with Judit (Kerekes), the wife of a local hunter presumed dead in the war. The oppressive Soviet presence looms as an overriding danger, but when the husband unexpectedly returns to brutally reclaim his wife, the threat to a newfound furtive love hatches a murder plot. In Hungarian with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Sponsored by the Consulate General of Hungary, Chicago (BS)

We're pleased to partner with the Consulate General of Hungary on our 23rd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival. The Consulate General of Hungary will be giving away two bottles of wine tonight at the 7:30 pm screening and final showing of TALL TALES. Two winners will be drawn, must be 21+ to enter to win. Entry forms will be distributed at the box office

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