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Film Series : Screwball!

The Awful Truth

1937, Leo McCarey, USA, 91 min.
With Cary Grant, Irene Dunne

Show Times

  • Fri, Jul 12th 4:00pm
  • Sat, Jul 13th 3:00pm
  • Thu, Jul 18th 6:00pm

"One of the funniest of the screwball comedies, and also one of the most serious at heart...The issues deepen in a subtle, natural way: the film begins as a trifle and ends as something beautiful and affirmative. A classic."—Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

Perhaps the definitive remarriage romance of the screwball era, THE AWFUL TRUTH stars Grant and Dunne as husband and wife Jerry and Lucy Warriner, who separate after he accuses her of having an affair. While waiting a requisite 90 days for their divorce to be finalized, both pursue other romantic partners: Lucy finds herself quickly engaged to a sweet-but-indelicate Oklahoma oilman (Ralph Bellamy), and Jerry pairs off with a snobbish society girl (Molly Lamont). A master class in pressure-cooker romance, THE AWFUL TRUTH ramps up the comic misunderstandings and expertly deployed slapstick set-pieces as the Warriners find themselves falling deeper in love with every pratfall and public humiliation. DCP digital. (CW)

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