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The Holy Girl

La niña santa

2004, Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, 106 min.
With Mercedes Morán, Carlos Bell

Show Times

  • Fri, Nov 15th 4:00pm
  • Tue, Nov 19th 6:00pm

“Takes a potentially explosive subject and does it subtly and perceptively.”—Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

Subtitled “The Temptation of Good and the Evil It Causes,” this perverse, provocatively ambivalent fable is set in the same torpid backwater as Martel's celebrated debut LA CIÉNAGA. When impressionable 14-year-old Amalia is groped by a doctor on a crowded street, she takes it as a divine signal to save his soul. In town for a medical convention, he happens to be staying at the hotel run by her mother, where this nemesis nymphet relentlessly stalks her molester to his salvation...or his doom. In Spanish with English subtitles. 35mm. (MR)

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