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22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

The Little Comrade

Seltsimees laps

2018, Moonika Siimets, Estonia, 100 min.
Tambet Tuisk, Helena Maria Reisner

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 31st 5:15pm
  • Tue, Apr 2nd 8:00pm

“Has a sweet charm, finding glimmers of hope and humor in the darkest of times.”--Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

Memory, nostalgia, and an account of history as seen by a child blend in this beautifully rendered drama set in the 1950s and based on two autobiographical novels by children’s author and poet Leelo Tungal. In this touching tale of father-daughter bonding and survival, Stalinist-era politics move the plot, but adult deeds and emotions filtered through the innocence of a little girl’s gaze are at the core of the story. Six-year-old Leelo (Reisner) moves to the countryside with her parents--dad Feliks (Tuisk), a medal-winning athlete and physical education teacher, and mom Helmes (Eva Klemts), a school principal. She longs to earn the red neckerchief flaunted by her classmates, but learns that her lack of this bright accessory owes to her mom’s arrest by strange men when a flag was found in their home. Leelo is too honest to lie, but wily enough to deflect inquiries when agents target her and her dad. In Estonian and Russian with English subtitles. ProRes digital widescreen. Courtesy of Amrion Productions. (BS)

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