fbpx The Man Who Stole Banksy | Gene Siskel Film Center
Film Series : The 18th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival

The Man Who Stole Banksy

2018, Marco Proserpio, Italy, 93 min.

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  • Wed, May 1st 8:00pm

This sprightly documentary examines the controversy surrounding a 2007 mural created on a Bethlehem wall by noted street artist Banksy, and reveals just how complex cultural interpretations of art can be. Conceived with apparent absurdist intent, Banksy’s silhouette painting depicts an Israeli soldier checking a donkey’s passport. Scores of Palestinian residents, including outspoken taxi driver Walid, the owner of the wall, took offense, believing that the artist meant to equate Palestinians with donkeys. The plot thickens when Walid decides that revenge lies in having the section of wall removed intact and auctioned off in Europe. Director Proserpio expands this bizarre story into a wider look at the issues surrounding the legality and ownership of guerilla art created in public places, with Palestinian citizens, lawyers, and art dealers all weighing in. Narrated by Iggy Pop. In English.

Preceded by THE CROSSING (2017, Ameen Nayfeh, Palestine, 11 min.). Both in DCP digital. (BS)

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