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The Mountain

2018, Rick Alverson, USA, 106 min.
With Jeff Goldblum, Tye Sheridan

Show Times

  • Fri, Sep 27th 3:45pm
  • Fri, Sep 27th 6:00pm
  • Sat, Sep 28th 8:00pm
  • Sun, Sep 29th 4:45pm
  • Mon, Sep 30th 7:45pm
  • Tue, Oct 1st 6:00pm
  • Wed, Oct 2nd 7:45pm
  • Thu, Oct 3rd 8:15pm
Chicago premiere!

"Mesmerizing…weirdly beautiful."—Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

"Gorgeously rendered... an unsettling trip through the 20th century American psyche."—David Fear, Rolling Stone

Director Alverson (ENTERTAINMENT, THE COMEDY) dares his audience to take the plunge into chilling American Gothic madness circa the uptight Fifties, as self-taught doctor Wallace Fiennes (Goldblum) and his orphaned assistant Andy (Sheridan) tour a circuit of rural mental asylums performing an unorthodox procedure. Left adrift by the sudden death of his oddball authoritarian father (Udo Kier), Andy is taken under the wing of the solicitous Fiennes, who had once treated his institutionalized mother. This surreal road movie broadcasts danger when Andy’s uncomfortable coming of age as a photographer under the doctor’s direction veers into a sneaky eroticism when Susan (Hannah Gross), a new prospect for the doctor’s ministrations, appears to awaken the young man’s libido. Goldblum’s eerily ingratiating performance is the film’s signature, but maverick French actor Denis Lavant (HOLY MOTORS) delivers its true core of insanity. DCP digital. (BS)

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