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1977, Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 110 min.
With Kurosh Afsharpanah, Shohreh Agdashloo

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  • Sat, Oct 19th 5:15pm

“A stellar film…plays into Kiarostami’s fascination with life itself.”—Steven Flores, Surrender to the Void

Producing this realistic drama on the brink of Iran’s 1979 revolution, Kiarostami ran afoul of the Shah’s censors. Mohammad (Afsharpanah), a mid-level civil servant and tax auditor, is accused of taking bribes. His subsequent job suspension is only the least in an undertow of problems that include a crumbling marriage and an overriding sense of ennui. While his wife (Agdashloo) chafes at her restricted life with a demanding child, Mohammad passes the time with male buddies in restless rounds of drinking, gambling, and womanizing. The film’s ominous sense that something in this society is coming to a head is underlined by a shockingly brutal incident of spousal abuse and a suicide attempt. In Persian with English subtitles. Digital video. (BS)

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