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The Return of Martin Guerre

Le retour de Martin Guerre

1982, Daniel Vigne, France, 113 min.
With Gérard Depardieu, Nathalie Baye

Show Times

  • Sun, Sep 1st 5:45pm
  • Mon, Sep 2nd 3:00pm
  • Thu, Sep 5th 6:00pm
New 4K restoration!

"Involving and provocative, MARTIN GUERRE makes a welcome return to big screens in a restored, 4K version that highlights its visual splendors as well as its psychological complexities and the splendid acting."—Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Social history of an unusually rich sort…Depardieu is superb."—Vincent Canby, New York Times

A fascinating true case of imposture in 16th-century France has inspired numerous books, an operetta, a West End musical, and at least three films, including this newly restored, long-out-of-circulation 1982 classic. In the village of Artigat in 1549, lowly regarded Martin Guerre disappears, leaving behind a wife (Baye), a son, and a reputation for dishonesty. Eight years later, Martin (Depardieu) unexpectedly returns in a bigger, better, and more loving incarnation. Nobody questions his identity, least of all his delighted wife, until a financial dispute leads to an official inquiry. Featuring superb production design, music, and acting, Daniel Vigne's Oscar-nominated sophomore film (co-scripted by the prolific Jean-Claude Carrière) is a compelling mystery, a twist-filled courtroom drama, a moving love story, and a thought-provoking discourse on themes of authenticity and identity. In French with English subtitles. New 4K DCP digital restoration of the Director's Cut. (MR)

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