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22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

The Silent Revolution

Das schweigende Klassenzimmer

2018, Lars Kraume, Germany, 112 min.
Leonard Scheicher, Tom Gramenz, Lena Klenke

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 31st 5:00pm
  • Wed, Apr 3rd 6:00pm

"Richly interesting and enlightening."--Oliver Johnston, The Upcoming

Writer-director Kraume follows up his award-winning arthouse hit THE PEOPLE VS. FRITZ BAUER with another absorbing dramatization of a morally charged incident from Germany's postwar past. The fact-based story is set in East Germany in 1956, when the Wall had not yet been erected, and passage between the two Germanys was somewhat less restricted. Two high- school students (Scheicher, Gramenz) on a day trip to West Berlin catch a newsreel whose depiction of the brutal Soviet crackdown on the Hungarian Revolution is greatly at odds with the state-sanctioned version they had been fed back home. They rally their fellow students to observe a moment of silence in the classroom, and what had started as a impulsive gesture of youthful idealism escalates, in the rigidly doctrinaire GDR, into a crisis that pits the participants against their status-conscious parents, their more cautious fellow students, and, ultimately, the full weight of the authority of the State. In German with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Courtesy of Distrib Films US. (MR)

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