fbpx The Weeping House of Qala | Gene Siskel Film Center
23rd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

The Weeping House of Qala

Hemm Dar il-Qala

2018, Mark Doneo, Malta, 85 min.
With Lawrence Buontempo, Louise Doneo

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 20th 6:15pm
  • Mon, Mar 23rd 8:00pm

A desolate mansion abandoned behind high walls on the picturesque island of Gozo, off the coast of Malta, is the setting for an intense ghost story-turned-psychological drama loosely based on the novel The Children of the Dead by Elfriede Jelinek. Despite being rebuffed by his potential producer, documentary filmmaker Aaron (Buontempo) proceeds with his plan to shoot a film in the desolate grey house, where the last residents, a woman and her three children, had disappeared without a trace forty years ago. The crew arrives to spend the night in search of poltergeists on the very anniversary of the disappearance, and tension mounts to the breaking point with the belated arrival of the angry producer. A child’s spinning top, a homemade Ouija board, and a crew member with a secret past up the ante. In Maltese with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Courtesy of the director. (BS)

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