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Film Series : Abbas Kiarostami

The Wind Will Carry Us

Baad mara khahas bord

1999, Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 119 min.
With Behzad Dourani, Noghre Asadi

Show Times

  • Sat, Oct 5th 3:00pm
  • Wed, Oct 9th 7:45pm

“Deeply, patiently observational…a mystery of ineffable beauty.”—Calum Marsh, Village Voice

Kiarostami followed his greatly acclaimed TASTE OF CHERRY with another film that considers deeply and simply the meaning of life. An engineer, head of a team that descends on a remote mountain village, devises a one-man rat race in the course of pursuing his mysterious mission. Barreling over rocky trails in his Jeep or talking self-importantly on his cell phone from the cemetery, the highest point in the village, he seems oblivious to the rhythms of life as it’s lived in this time and place. With gentle irony and profound consequences, Kiarostami interjects the imminent death of an elderly village lady and its subsequent ancient mourning ritual as a catalyst for change. In Persian with English subtitles. New 4K DCP digital restoration. (BS)

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