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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2017
Chicago premiere!

The Country Doctor

Médecin de campagne / aka Irreplaceable

2016, Thomas Lilti, France, 99 min. With François Cluzet, Marianne Denicourt.

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 17th 2:00pm
  • Wed, Mar 22nd 6:00pm

"Authentic, engrossing...beautifully done by a writer-director who clearly knows his stuff." — Trevor Johnston, Time Out London

"Finely chiseled and superbly played...the film bristles with humor, mostly drawn from life, and illuminating moments of irony." — Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter

Doctor-turned-director Lilti, whose previous film HIPPOCRATES (2015 CEUFF) took a dim view of medical care in a Parisian hospital, here gives us the other side of the coin. The focus this time is on a dedicated, overworked rural doctor, Jean-Pierre Werner (Cluzet of THE INTOUCHABLES). Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, he reluctantly takes on as his assistant a city-bred nurse (Denicourt) who recently earned a medical degree, but, as the skeptical Werner tells her, "Country doctor isn't a trade you can learn." As she discovers, and Werner exemplifies, it has to be lived, with each patient approached as a neighbor whose idiosyncrasies often call for unorthodox methods. As in HIPPOCRATES, Lilti illuminates the medical profession with character-driven stories imbued with compassion and authenticity. In French with English subtitles. Courtesy of Distrib Films. DCP digital widescreen. (MR).

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