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The Girl With a Bracelet

La Fille au bracelet

2019, Stephane Démoustier, France/Belgium, 95 min.
With Melissa Guers, Roschdy Zem, Chiara Mastroianni


“A subtle and resonant take on your typical nail-biting whodunit…carried very much by newcomer Melissa Guer’s lead turn.”--Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

Director Demoustier turns the murder mystery/courtroom drama on its head in this remake of the 2018 Argentinian thriller THE ACCUSED. Sixteen-year-old Lise (Guers), on trial for the stabbing death of her best friend on the morning following a sleepover, passively defies attempts by the judge and jury to understand what lies beneath her compliant blank-faced demeanor. Emotionless, as she flatly answers questions and repeatedly maintains her innocence, she appears the antithesis of the lurid picture painted by the prosecution: a party-girl who engages in indiscriminate sexual activity with friends of either gender. Her parents suppress uneasy doubts about their daughter’s apparent secrets, while, evidence aside, the trial begins to hone in on holding the life choices of a generation up for judgment. In French with English subtitles. (BS)

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