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2019, Alysa Nahmias, USA, 89 min.

STREAM 7/10 - 23

"Allows Chicago to become a living, breathing entity that pulsates with Moholy-Nagy's romantic outlook on the world...By the end of the movie, you won't just admire Moholy-Nagy -- you'll want to be just like him."--Travis Bean, Forbes

This odyssey through the life and legacy of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, the innovative artist and educator whose pioneering approach to integrating technology into design continues to influence and inspire. In the 1920s, rising artist László Moholy-Nagy taught at the revolutionary Bauhaus school in Weimar, Germany. Forced into exile by the Nazis, Moholy moved to Chicago, where he found himself inspired by the sense of reinvention in the city. Through his Institute of Design, Moholy challenged students to create systemic, human-centered design. Moholy was not a conventional artist, and THE NEW BAUHAUS is not a typical biography. It’s about the tensions between art and commerce, tradition and experimentation, past and present — and future. It examines the life, philosophy, and artwork of Moholy in light of the idea that an artist is not merely a maker of objects; an artist is a maker of her/himself. Co-presented with the Consulate General of Hungary in recognition of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Hungarian designer and artist. (Description courtesy of Opendox Production)

The Film Center and the Consulate General of Hungary in Chicago invite you to join us on Monday, July 20 at 7pm CDT for a Q&A/panel discussion with Director Alysa Nahmias, Executive Producer Marquise Stillwell, Moholy-Nagy expert/’talking-head," Oliver Botar, and the Richard and Ellen Sandor Chair and Curator of the Department of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago Matthew Witkovsky. The conversation will be moderated by Robyn Farrell, the Art Institute of Chicago's Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art.

Register for the event here: https://tinyurl.com/y8br65mh

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