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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2017
Chicago premiere!

The Ornithologist

O Ornitólogo

2016, João Pedro Rodrigues, Portugal/France, 117 min. With Paul Hamy, Chan Suan.

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 18th 4:00pm
  • Thu, Mar 23rd 6:00pm

“A film swimming in symbolism, transgressive eroticism and perplexing detail.” — Ben Nicholson, Cinevue

“A dreamlike film that skillfully mixes apocalyptic and mystical elements…a blasphemous, reinvigorating and necessary film.” — Muriel Del Don, Cineuropa

A lone naturalist (Hamy) in search of a rare bird in a remote Portuguese wilderness is stranded wounded when his canoe capsizes in dangerous rapids. Director Rodrigues’s (THE LAST TIME I SAW MACAO) hallucinatory tale departs from reality for a mystical excursion into the depths of his protagonist’s queer psyche, adapting the Catholic yen for martyrdom, Greek myth, and the template of a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago to an eroticized and increasingly violent trek in which the beleaguered hero is both victim and perpetrator in the face of encounters with ritual torture, temptations of the flesh, and tribal sacrifice. In Portuguese, English, Mandarin, Mirandese, and Latin with English subtitles. Courtesy of Strand Releasing. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

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