Film Series : Recently Restored 2015

The Trial

Le procès

1962, Orson Welles, France, 118 min.
With Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles

Show Times

  • Sat, Jul 18th 5:30pm
  • Thu, Jul 23rd 6:00pm

“Welles's nightmarish, labyrinthine comedy remains his creepiest and most disturbing work; it's also a lot more influential than people usually admit.” — Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

“Splendid to look at and teeming with ideas about the individual, society, and of course, film itself.” — Amy Taubin, Village Voice

Welles called his dazzling, disturbing adaptation of Kafka’s 1925 classic “the best film I have ever made” and “closer to my own feelings about everything than any other picture I’ve ever made.” In his best role after PSYCHO, Perkins is in fine fidgety form as Joseph K., the office drone who finds himself inexplicably accused of an unspecified crime and embarks on a hapless quest for justice through an impenetrable maze of courtrooms, corridors, and offices. Welles ingeniously stitches together locations in Zagreb, Paris, and Rome to conjure up a nightmare world that is at once oppressively claustrophobic and vertiginously vast. While retaining the book’s black-comic tone, Welles adds a sexual dimension via a series of provocative women (Jeanne Moreau, Elsa Martinelli, Romy Schneider, and a mob of shrieking nymphets) whose erotic demands only add to K.’s woes. In English. 2K DCP digital restoration from Rialto Pictures. (MR)

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