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The Witness

2015, James A. Solomon, USA, 89 min.

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  • Fri, Sep 16th 6:15pm
  • Sat, Sep 17th 3:15pm
  • Sun, Sep 18th 3:15pm
  • Thu, Sep 22nd 8:00pm
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"Extraordinary documentary ... The movie’s one reënactment — an ingenious experiment in forensics and social science — unites drama, journalism, and first-hand experience in a masterstroke of pure cinema." — Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"A powerful movie, but perhaps its greatest triumph is that for a brief time it resurrects Kitty Genovese and lets us see her as a person." — Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.com

"The movie is as gripping as true-crime procedurals 'Serial' and 'Making a Murderer,' but with more intimacy and heartache." — Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

You may think that you know the story, until this powerful, multilayered documentary reveals the stories behind the story. The original story is the emblematic 1964 incident, invoked in countless political speeches and TV shows, in which 28-year-old Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death outside a Queens, NY, apartment building while 38 witnesses sat by and did nothing. There is also the story of more recent revelations that the original incident was distorted and oversimplified by The New York Times in the interests of constructing a sensational symbol of urban apathy. And there is also the story of Kitty herself, whose life was overshadowed by her death and the purposes it served. And, most central to this film, there is the story of her brother Bill Genovese, one of the most memorable characters to appear on screen in recent years, whose life was profoundly affected by his sister’s death (and the myths surrounding it) and whose obsessive quest for the truth knits together the film's various layers — detective story, media exposé, memoir — into a compelling narrative of personal catharsis. DCP digital. (MR)

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