Chicago premiere! Film Series : Young French Cinema 2017

This Summer Feeling

Ce sentiment de l'été

2015, Mikhaël Hers, France, 106 min. With Anders Danielsen Lie, Judith Chemla.

Show Times

  • Fri, May 19th 6:00pm
  • Tue, May 23rd 8:15pm

Themes of mortality and mourning are unexpectedly flooded with sunlight in this lovely and leisurely tale that begins when a beautiful summer day is startled by the sudden death of a vibrant young woman. The film follows her partner Lawrence (Lie of OSLO, AUGUST 31) through three successive summers as he struggles to come to terms with his loss. Shared grief forges a bond between Lawrence and his late partner’s French family, and the wide-ranging narrative branches off to take in their lakeside vacation in Annecy and sister Zoé’s life as a separated mother in Paris. Returning to Brooklyn, promising novelist Lawrence is still unattached and unable to finish a second book, but the camaraderie of an old friend (filmmaker Josh Safdie in a raucous comic performance) and a chance encounter at a rooftop party suggest that the mourner's extended summer might be coming to an overdue end. In English and French with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)

Please note: This trailer does not have English subtitles. Our screenings of the film will be subtitled in English.

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