Ty Flowers in person! Film Series : Black Harvest Film Festival 2016

Time Simply Passes

2015, Ty Flowers, USA, 54 min.

Show Times

  • Wed, Aug 10th 6:00pm

Multiple miscarriages of justice are the focus of this gripping true-crime documentary. In 1967, an African American migrant worker named James Richardson was sentenced to death for poisoning his seven children in Arcadia, Florida. 21 years later, a deathbed confession by an overlooked suspect led to Richardson’s release, but, in 2013, filmmaker Flowers found him living in poverty, thanks to inadequate compensation and exoneration laws. The son of an investigative journalist who had covered the case, Flowers dug deep to piece together a story that is, as he says, “about race, about Florida, about the evolution of small-town justice, about systemic corruption on all levels of government.” (MR)

AUGUST 10: Director Ty Flowers will be present for audience discussion.

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