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2019, Abel Ferrara, Italy/UK/USA/Greece, 118 min.
With Willem Dafoe, Cristina Chiriac, Anna Ferrara


"Fascinating—no, riveting—because of the multiple male sexual anxiety and wish fulfillment subtexts dancing around the screen."—Amy Taubin, Film Comment

"Scrappy and often endearing... elevated by Dafoe’s extraordinary performance and a striking intimacy that sets the movie apart from much of Ferrara’s work."—Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Against a daily grind of teaching acting workshops and attending AA meetings, filmmaker Tommaso (Dafoe) begins to suspect his much younger wife is having an affair, pulling him into a series of fantasies and daydreams that run the gamut from erotic to suicidal. Best known for his cinematic studies of self-destructive personalities living in New York City, the now Rome-based Abel Ferrara (BAD LIEUTENANT, PASOLINI) returns with this fictionalized self-portrait, filmed with the intimacy of a home movie in the director's own apartment and featuring a cast of performers culled from Ferrara's life (including his wife and daughter) and the streets of Piazza Vittorio where he lives. Starring Ferrara's real-life neighbor Dafoe as his on-screen surrogate, TOMMASO draws liberally from both Ferrara and Dafoe's lives and cinematic personas, portraying the quotidian struggles faced by an American expat filmmaker and recovering drug addict with all the candor and hard-won sensitivity that fans of Ferrara have come to expect. In English and Italian with English subtitles. (CW)

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