TVTV: Four More Years


Thu, Oct 25th at 6:00pm
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Filmmakers in person!

  1. TVTV: Four More Years
  1. 1972, TVTV, USA, ca. 75 min.

Video collective TVTV (Top Value Television) defined the radical video documentary movement of the 1970s. FOUR MORE YEARS (1972) is an iconoclastic view of the American electoral process, captured through TVTV's irreverent, candid coverage of Richard Nixon's 1972 presidential campaign and the Republican Convention in Miami. TVTV co-founder Allen Rucker introduces this classic work and is joined for the Q&A by former TVTV member Tom Weinberg. Presented in collaboration with the Video Data Bank. DVD.

Allen Rucker and Tom Weinberg will be present for audience discussion.