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23rd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival
Nadège Trebal in person!

Twelve Thousand

Douze mille

2019, Nadège Trebal, France, 107 min.
With Arieh Worthalter, Nadège Trebal

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 29th 5:00pm
  • Wed, Apr 1st 8:00pm

"Trebal's film is political, though never at the expense of its sensual and poetic drive. Indeed, it is this lighter and, in some respects, carefree side of the movie which lends it its timeless quality."—Muriel Del Don, Cineuropa

The intertwined but often opposing forces of love and money are at the heart of this auspicious first feature, which takes a gritty proletarian tale out of Dardenne/Loach playbook and infuses it with vibrant doses of eroticism, romanticism, poetry, and dance. Living a lusty but cash-strapped existence in an economically depressed French port city, passionate lovers Franck (Worthalter) and Maroussia (director Trebal) calculate that they need 12,000 francs—no more, no less—to start a new, independent life together. Franck sets off to take a job in a distant city, only to find that the job has evaporated. He proceeds to hustle the twelve grand by any means necessary, including a series of inside-job heists by an all-female gang at the container warehouse where he works as a security guard. But will the twin temptations of lust and greed lead him astray? In French with English subtitles. DCP digital. Courtesy of UniFrance USA and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. (MR)

Note: Contains explicit sexual content.

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