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Film Series : Fringe Benefits

Two-Lane Blacktop

1971, Monte Hellman, USA, 102 min.
With James Taylor, Dennis Wilson, Warren Oates

Show Times

  • Fri, Sep 20th 8:00pm
  • Sun, Sep 22nd 5:00pm

"Greatest car movie, ever!...This minimalist masterpiece is one of the greatest American films to come out of the 1970s."—Ron Wells, Film Threat

"TWO-LANE BLACKTOP should have established Hellman as one of the great directors of his generation. Instead, its box-office failure made him an enduring cult figure."—Philip French, The Guardian

A souped-up '55 Chevy occupied by a stone-faced driver (Taylor) and his mechanic (Wilson of the Beach Boys) and a sparkling new GTO piloted by a loquacious loner (Oates) cross paths on the back roads of the American West. Bringing along an enigmatic young hitchhiker (Laurie Bird), the two cars set out on a race to the East Coast, but what at first seems like a white-knuckle, high-stakes contest morphs into something more abstract as the racers stare down an endless highway, reckoning with their addiction to the constant momentum of the road. Featuring a beautifully spare script by experimental novelist Rudy Wurlitzer, TWO-LANE BLACKTOP was never destined to be the post-EASY RIDER youth-market hit the studio hoped it would be. Instead, it has endured as one of the preeminent cult items of its era, a one-of-a-kind existentialist road movie. 35mm widescreen. (CW)

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