fbpx United Red Army (The Young Man Was, Part I) | Gene Siskel Film Center
Naeem Mohaiemen in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Spring 2019

United Red Army (The Young Man Was, Part I)

2011, Naeem Mohaiemen, Bangladesh/Japan, 70 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Feb 14th 6:00pm

Naeem Mohaiemen uses films, photographs, and essays to explore the histories of failed utopias within the framework of international left-wing politics. In conjunction with the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition of the artist’s acclaimed three-channel installation "Two Meetings and a Funeral," Mohaiemen presents UNITED RED ARMY (THE YOUNG MAN WAS, PART I), which traces the events and aftermath of the Japanese Red Army’s (JRA) infamous 1977 hijacking of Japan Airlines flight 472. Mohaiemen combines the original sound recordings of the hostage negotiations with text on black screen to underscore the event’s political and interpersonal tensions while meditating on its complex reverberations across the globe. Presented in collaboration with the Art Institute of Chicago. DCP digital. (Amy Beste)

Artist Naeem Mohaiemen is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.