Johannes VanDerBeek in person! Film Series : Conversations At The Edge - Fall 2018

Stan VanDerBeek: Euclidean Illusions

1959-80, Stan VanDerBeek, USA, ca. 65 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Sep 13th 6:00pm

The visionary work of pioneering media artist Stan VanDerBeek spanned film, interactive television, expanded cinema, and computers. This program, introduced by Johannes VanDerBeek of the VanDerBeek Archive, focuses on the artist's pioneering computer animated films. In POEMFIELD NO. 1 - NO. 8 (1966-69), produced with Ken Knowlton as part of residency at Bell Labs, VanDerBeek mixes analog footage and digital imagery in dazzling layers of pixelated patterns, geometric shapes, and metamorphosing words. VanDerBeek built on the innovations of these experiments in WHO HO RAYS PART 1 (1972) and EUCLIDEAN ILLUSIONS (1980), produced while the artist was in residence at NASA. Also on the program: ASTRAL MAN (1958), SCIENCE FRICTION (1959), and SEE SAW SEAMS (1965). Presented in collaboration with Document Gallery, on the occasion of its solo exhibition of Stan VanDerBeek's work. Preservation prints courtesy of the Film-Makers' Cooperative and the Stan VanDerBeek Archive. 16mm. (Nicky Ni)

Thursday 9/13: Johannes VanDerBeek of the VanDerBeek Archive is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.