Vincent Grenier: Tabula Rasa


Thu, Nov 1st at 6:00pm
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Vincent Grenier in person!

  1. Vincent Grenier: Tabula Rasa
  1. 1976-2011, Vincent Grenier, USA, ca. 75 min.

For nearly four decades, Vincent Grenier has sought to capture what he describes as “the ineffable, untranslatable, revelations of light, color, form, and composition.” The result is a sensuous, meditative, yet energized body of work across a range of approaches and formats. This program brings together films and videos from across his career, including 16mm films like WHILE REVOLVED (1976), which immerses the viewer in a subtly shifting sea of color, to videos like LES CHAISES (2008), a patient backyard portrait of two red chairs textured by light. Multiple formats. (Jessica Bardsley)

Vincent Grenier will be present for audience discussion.